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Are You Using Webinars?
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I recently got back from an internet marketing conference in Las Vegas.

Yes, I had a great time but the travelling was a real pain.

18 hours of flying, airports and taxis then there was the hotel to contend with…

But This is the new Millennium!
So, given that I spend 99% of my time getting square eyes in front of a PC, I thought I’d share how I run the MKLINK empire without ever needing travel 99% of the time away from the office.

I’m sure you know that from time to time I run training teleseminars.

I also run training webinars as well.

What are They?

Well, essentially, a webinar enables me to use my PC to conduct a live seminar about a particular subject (or recorded if I want) and participants can watch and listen from all around the globe.

I can see how many people are on the webinar. I can talk with them or silence them, at my whim!

Participants can ask questions, see my screen and “vote” on areas of interest.

In short, it enables to me to communicate with both sound and video with hundreds of participants – or just one participant if that’s all I want.

My days of spending endless hours driving round and swearing at people while stuck in traffic jams are now limited to when I’m on holiday with the family, rather than at work.

Think of all the benefits to the environment and your pocket!
All that fuel saved, not to mention all the other hassles that go with travelling.

I accept that for some things, it’s nice to meet face to face.

But look at how the telephone revolutionised business efficiency. Now imagine being able to “meet” your suppliers or customers over the web!

The advantages are many and varied and depend on your type of business, but whatever business you’re in, you should be able to benefit from setting up either a formal or informal webinar.

For example, a traditional retail business may have a “Cheese and Wine” event to attract suitable customers. Think how you could offer a “Free Talk” about your industry that will help, educate and ingratiate your prospects and customers.

I give away tons of information on my webinars and most people are very grateful.

If your customers need technical support or “How To” training then webinars are in a league of their own.

If, like me, you have staff distributed over the country, then of course having regular catch-up meetings via webinar is ideal.

Of course, webinars can be recorded as they’re run so that if you have someone who is away, then they can get a copy of the webinar at a later date.

There are loads of companies that offer this facility(I use gotowebinar.com ).

I’m simply suggesting that if you haven’t tried them then you might want to consider using them for a variety of ways that can make your business more efficient and therefore more profitable.

I’m sure that if you thought about it for a while, you could make good use of webinars as a very, cheap, efficient and practical way to communicate with people.

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’till Next Time,
Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips

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