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Beware Google Impersonators

Google Impersonators
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From time
to time I get calls from companies that tell me that they work for Google.They do their best to give the impression that they are a division of
Google and that they can run my pay per click campaign for me at a fraction
of the cost that I run it myself.
Of course, I don’t tell them at this point who I am or how many hundreds of thousands
of pounds I have spent with Google, both for MKLINK and the handful of
clients I still work with in this regard.
The last chap rang me up and told me that he has 5 computers in front of him(!!??)
and that he guaranteed he could save me an instant 30% by optimising my
Again, I
didn’t tell him how many hours I had already spent optimising my campaigns
to get both my click through rate and my landing page conversion rate.
Unless you
have a lot of spare money my suggestion is that you run your Pay per Click
campaigns yourself. Or at the very least learn how it should be done so
that if you do outsource it, you can always stay on top of it. Do not
be confused by this.I preach this message exactly the same way that I preach that business
people should be in charge of all their search engine marketing themselves
because it will save you a lot of hassle, complaints and ultimately money.
No-one cares about your search engine placements more than you do!
you do not have to do it all yourself, you can train someone to take ownership
of it. Why pay agency rates for something that you or someone you can
hire from the local college can learn for next to nothing?
If you are
confused by it all thenRing Them Up!! Google wants to help you!
It is in Google’s interest that you are happy with your campaign
and that it is working well for you. Many people try it, fail at it and
leave it alone. Which is a shame because people are there to help you.
If you want
help setting up a campaign and are a new customer, try
calling 0844 338 0341.
This is the number taken straight from Google’s own website. (This number
may well change).
I spoke to a very helpful chap called Jamie Bain.
Specifically the company is called Google Ventura and the good news is
that they will help you set up a campaign and they don’t charge you any
money. If you already have an account, you will need the more traditional
technical support, which can be found at
As always, if you would like an introductory consultancy to see if we
can help and train you with your internet marketing for better results,
simply sign up at
today or call 01454 852414 and we’ll be happy to try
and help.
’till Next
Time,Mike Knight.
Internet Marketing Advice & Training for Businesses since 1998.
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