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An Intro to the Forum

A Taste of The Forum

The mkLINK Forum is a much under-used resource available to all customers
who have signed up to any mkLINK Training or support packages. You should
have received details of the forum URL, your own username and password.
The Forum allows you to ask questions to, share inormation and communicate
with members of our team, and other customers. Every (month / week) we
will feature ‘A Taste of The Forum’ in this newsletter. In this edition
we will feature two recent posts that have been of particular interest
to forum members.

Featured Post 1 From Forum Member:

Does it really matter what my page names are please? Isn’t the content
of them going to be more important than the names?

Feedback from mkLINK:

I suppose the short answer is yes to both. The text content of your pages
is obviously an extremely important element of the ‘relevance’
of your page to certain key phrases – if they’re not in your
web page text, then you can’t realistically expect search engine
such as Google to return the pages in the search results for queries based
around those phrases. Search engines read text, not pictures. Hopefully
you can see the huge importance of the page text content in the ranking
of your pages.

Page names or URLs could be judged to be less important by search engines
such as Google in the ranking of your pages. However, Google states that
using relevant keywords in the page name / URL could make the pages easier
for the search engines to crawl, and could be preferred and trusted more
by those deciding whether to click on a link to a page. You will also
notice that when you make an enquiry in Google, often URLs are returned
with the keywords shown in bold if the match the keyword in the search
query. You can deduce form this that yes, including keywords in your page
names URLs may help the ranking of those pages from a relevance point
of view, so it may be worth considering.

Featured Post 2 From Forum Member:

How can I stop people taking copies of photos from my website please?

Feedback from mkLINK:

I’m guessing you’re referring to people using a ‘right mouse click’ and
‘save as..’ over your pictures. If you want to prevent this it will mean
putting some javascript into the page. You can find examples of this script
by putting e.g. the phrase ‘block right mouse click javascript’ or something
similar into Google. See

Feedback from Forum Member:

Beside putting some javascript on your page, which will give you some
protection although people can look at the source code and take your image
directly from your server. I find the best way is low-res images and a
watermark which makes it useless for other to take your image.

I am a photographer and have this problem all the time. but am using
very low res images on the public site and with hi res work with a watermark.

There are many other questions, answers, and informative posts on the
mkLINK Forum. It is s unique shared resource which provide answers to
many of the questions you have about the Web, your website, and Internet
Marketing. If you have any questions about the Forum, please call us on
01454 852414.

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