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Getting the Most from Ebay – Classified Advertisements

Most of us think of Ebay as being essentially an online auction site.
You either need to sell or buy via the website in order to make use of
it. There is however another way to use Ebay to get good quality leads
for your business at very little, without needing to send or receive money
via the site’s normal channels.
Ebay classified ads allow you to tap into the potentially large amount
of “ready-to-buy” traffic that use the site, and yet actually
conduct the ‘sale’ away form the site at a later date. Yes
that’s right – ebay have introduced a service that encourages sellers
to do business away form the website.
Just as the name implies, you are allowed to set up a classified advert
in which you can list your asking price, encourage interested parties
to fill out a contact form, or you can list your telephone number so they
can call you. There is no bid or buy button on the ad, no actual bidding
takes place, and details contained in the classified advert can be changed
at any time.
There is a list of possible categories available to advertise your services
in, but typically this kind of advertising best suits higher value, high
‘involvement’ , non ‘commodity’ products that
require more discussion, negation, and information to achieve a sale.
Since nothing is actually sold on the ebay site using this method, no
feedback is given.
Classified ads are displayed on Ebay for different periods depending
on what you are selling e.g. 30 day listings for many services, 7 day
listings for motor vehicle local ads. In most cases other than for example
real estate and more than 6 listings of motor vehicle ads in a year, there
will be typically no final value fee or notice fee. In many cases you
can expect to pay at most an insertion fee of $9.95 (prices are shown
in U.S dollars). Due to the vast amount of traffic that eBay classified
ads could be a very effective way of increasing your promotional ROI,
reducing the cost of sales, attracting new business, and building a list
of quality leads.
For more information go to, go to the selling help pages
at and type ‘classified
ads into the search box.
Source: eBay.
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