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This week’s webinar

Exciting News!

Want to finally Stop Lining Google’s Pockets?

There’s now a way you can get track exactly which of your online
adverts are producing leads – and which of those leads become sales.

And not just Google but Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn etc : most of
your paid online ads.

By the way, most of the web marketing people I know don’t know this yet,
so you’ll learn something very valuable which you can tell your web guys.

Ironically, this system uses Google’s own tools…. shhh – don’t tell them!

Naturally, I’m really excited about it so I’m running a fr-ee webinar
next Wednesday at 3pm to discuss it. Please be there!

As always, I’m paying for this so spaces are limited .

To register now – use this link:

Best wishes ,

Mike Knight.

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Tomorrow’s Webinar


Hello again…just a quick reminder that you’re invited to tomorrow’s (Wednesday) “no-pitch” marketing webinar about how anyone
involved in the motorhome industry can improve their online marketing. It’s at 11am.

If you’ve not already registered then click here now :

We’ll be looking at a few example motorhome-related websites and seeing how they can be ramped for extra business
with some quick and simple changes.

Of course, the material I’ll be covering will work for most website owners in ANY arena – you’re welcome to join us.

It’ll be easy to follow yet packed with loads of useful marketing tips and minus any bloat or hype.

That’s it – speak with you tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Mike Knight.

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Chet Holmes Lamented


Found out earlier today that Chet Holmes dies this week.

If you’ve never read his book, I strongly recommend it. He was awesome and has been inspirational to me.
Ultimate Sales Machine…Go buy a copy.
Mike Knight.

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Registration Link for Thursday’s Webinar


Here’s a link to join Mike Knight and Paul Stradling to cover recent online marketing law changes and other marketing practices.

It’s a sponsored event with no sales pitch so reserve your spot now here :

See you there!

Mike Knight

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20 Thoughts about being happier…


For what it’s worth, a good friend once lent me a very special book from which I distilled a few universal truths and added a few of my own to create 20 “Suggestions” which I read every morning for about 5 minutes to set me up for the day.

This helped me a lot when I was in Australia and I’ve just found them again in my notes. A bit soppy maybe but it helped me… I hope it can help someone else…

1-Count Your Blessings Every Day.
2-Deliver more than you’re paid to do.
3-Don’t dwell on setbacks/mistakes.
4-Reward Your toil with time with your loved ones.
5-Build everyday on a foundation of good, empowering thoughts.
6-Let your actions speak for you, but don’t become conceited.
7-Each day is a special gift. Don’t let bad things stop you remembering that a day above ground is a good day!
8-Don’t clutter the day up with little things that can stop big challenges when they appear; Break big things down into little manageable tasks.
9-Live this day as if it will be your last; One day you’ll be right.
10-Treat everyone you meet like you’ll never see them again; Again, one day you’ll be right.
11-Laugh at yourself and never take yourself too seriously.
12-Pay attention to the little details that matter.
13-Don’t let other people’s failings, envy and poison affect you; Turn the other cheek and forgive.
14-Search for the seed of good in every adversity.
15-Happiness is within not without and is attained through giving, not getting; Be kind.
16-Think and dream and visualise BIG; FOCUS on the 20% that needs MASSIVE action to get achieve your dreams.
17-Don’t worry about the things you cannot control.
18-Make your work something you love to do; Take pride in it and be the best you can be.
19-Look after your body and spirit; It must last a lifetime.
20 Always, always, always have something you look forward to; Short term(daily) , medium term(weekly/monthly) and long term.

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Article Spinning – The Details


Hi everyone – here’s the notes from my webinar all about article spinning :


YouTube :

Speak Soon,
Mike Knight

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Change Your Password…Recent Linkedin Hack


Change your password for LinkedIn ASAP …and other Social Sites ASAP, after a BIG Russian hack Folks…

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EU Cookie law – my take on it…


Hi – if you’re confused by the EU Cookie Law, I ran a webinar about it…here is the recording…

Plus the notes for the webinar here :

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Pinterest Marketing Tips


Some Pinterest Marketing Thoughts and Tips Here :

And the notes for the video are here :

Until next time,
Mike Knight

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MKLINK Publisher Song


If You Are What You Publish
And Content is King
Then Publish Our King Content
To Make Your Phone Ring…

Get in touch today for a demonstration…

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