This week’s webinar

Exciting News!

Want to finally Stop Lining Google’s Pockets?

There’s now a way you can get track exactly which of your online
adverts are producing leads – and which of those leads become sales.

And not just Google but Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn etc : most of
your paid online ads.

By the way, most of the web marketing people I know don’t know this yet,
so you’ll learn something very valuable which you can tell your web guys.

Ironically, this system uses Google’s own tools…. shhh – don’t tell them!

Naturally, I’m really excited about it so I’m running a fr-ee webinar
next Wednesday at 3pm to discuss it. Please be there!

As always, I’m paying for this so spaces are limited .

To register now – use this link:

Best wishes ,

Mike Knight.

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