20 Thoughts about being happier…


For what it’s worth, a good friend once lent me a very special book from which I distilled a few universal truths and added a few of my own to create 20 “Suggestions” which I read every morning for about 5 minutes to set me up for the day.

This helped me a lot when I was in Australia and I’ve just found them again in my notes. A bit soppy maybe but it helped me… I hope it can help someone else…

1-Count Your Blessings Every Day.
2-Deliver more than you’re paid to do.
3-Don’t dwell on setbacks/mistakes.
4-Reward Your toil with time with your loved ones.
5-Build everyday on a foundation of good, empowering thoughts.
6-Let your actions speak for you, but don’t become conceited.
7-Each day is a special gift. Don’t let bad things stop you remembering that a day above ground is a good day!
8-Don’t clutter the day up with little things that can stop big challenges when they appear; Break big things down into little manageable tasks.
9-Live this day as if it will be your last; One day you’ll be right.
10-Treat everyone you meet like you’ll never see them again; Again, one day you’ll be right.
11-Laugh at yourself and never take yourself too seriously.
12-Pay attention to the little details that matter.
13-Don’t let other people’s failings, envy and poison affect you; Turn the other cheek and forgive.
14-Search for the seed of good in every adversity.
15-Happiness is within not without and is attained through giving, not getting; Be kind.
16-Think and dream and visualise BIG; FOCUS on the 20% that needs MASSIVE action to get achieve your dreams.
17-Don’t worry about the things you cannot control.
18-Make your work something you love to do; Take pride in it and be the best you can be.
19-Look after your body and spirit; It must last a lifetime.
20 Always, always, always have something you look forward to; Short term(daily) , medium term(weekly/monthly) and long term.

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