Chris Cardell Review – Chris Cardell Scam


I was doing some research the other day and looking for a landing page of Chris Cardell because I’ve been on his courses in the past and wanted to check something he might be doing so I could learn from it.

His PPC campaign must have stopped running for a bit because I couldn’t find it. So I typed Chris Cardell straight into Google.

Then Chris Cardell Scam came up as a possible match – so out of curiosity I clicked on it and came across this link

I receive loads of marketing stuff from Chris and the newspaper cutting I thought was excellent. I’ve been trying to find a printer for ages that can do stuff like that.

Yes, if you look very closely you can tell it’s mass produced but then that’s great. Show’s he knows what he’s doing.

What I don’t understand is why people that don’t know what they are doing and have never tried any of his stuff decide that it’s a good idea to slag him off. In fact it annoys me because I teach some of his principles to my clients and with good effect.

Some people are really upset that he’s sent them a newspaper clipping with a post-it note. Get a LIFE!

Chris has had a very positive impact on my career and given that I’ve generated over  £40 million of additional revenue for my clients, I’d say that’s a result.

Now for anyone reading this thinking I have some affiliation with Chris, I don’t. I’ve been on several of his courses and have stopped memberships to others as is my want. I don’t think he even likes me particularly as I contacted some Cardell members in a private members’ forum with  a view to getting some co-operation and possibly business and guess I overstepped the mark a bit.

In the big scheme of things I don’t think he cares too much because he focuses on what works and doesn’t get hung up on what doesn’t and I hugely respect that as I have problems separating the two and take failures and criticism too much to heart.

Anyway, that’s it. Chris’s stuff is good and I’m very grateful for what I’ve learned. Yes, you can learn some of his stuff elsewhere and that’s what I choose do these days but most people – like myself – were unaware of any of this stuff until they’ve been educated.

I recently decided to become qualified as a chartered accountant to demonstrate I’m not a total business moron and you could argue I could have learned it all on my own. But I can assure you having a teacher makes life much easier and business is all about efficiency. People who don’t get that are whingers with no results to back them up.

If you’ve not tried his stuff – don’t slag him off. If you haven’t tried his methods – don’t slag him off. If you don’t know what works and what doesn’t – don’t slag him off. In a nutshell – if you don’t know what you’re talking about (and most people I see slagging him off don’t have a clue), don’t slag him off!

Focus on your OWN game of golf & find out what WORKS.

Mike Knight

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