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26 Apr 2006   09:52:02 am
Questions you can ask when choosing a Web Management Company
When choosing a web management company, there are a number of important questions you can ask to enable you to make a more informed decision. Here are some of the ones most likely to help you - basing your decision on price alone could be a mistake.

1. Do they have particular skills, qualifications or references?
Questions around this subject include, How long have they been around? (and, will they pass a credit check for example?). Also, can they provided examples of similar work they have undertaken or some good references/testimonials?

2. Will they build a template or bespoke website?
Will they also be able to host the site? (i.e. can it sit on their webservers?).

3. Will they keep a back-up of your files?
You never know - things can go wrong (especially where technology is concerned) and you may need a copy of your website. This can be helpful should you choose to move your site to another web management company.

4. Who will the Domain Name actually be registered to?
All to often, domain names are registered in the name of the web management company, and not you. This will lead to difficulties should you wish to move away from them.

5. Will they (in writing) waive intellectual property rights and copyright i.e. will you actually own the website?
If the website needs to be moved at any time, will that be possible? (e.g. if they go out of business, what will happen to the website?)

6. Will you be able to change elements of the website?
How much, how often, will they change it for you, or will you change it yourself?

7. How visible will your site be to search engines such as Google?
Search engines are the single greatest source of traffic for most web sites. Will your web management company register it the site for you with the search engines? Do they offer optimisation & others erach engine related services?

8. Can they provide an online shop, and how much will this cost?

9. What are the hosting and management fees and what do they cover?
It's best for both parties to be clear on this from the start.

10. What means are there for you to monitor and measure i.e. are stats or analytical packages available?
Web marketing needs to be managed, and in order to manage things properly, your online efforts need to be measurable.
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18 Apr 2006   08:37:40 am
Avoiding Copyright Infringement on Your Website
Copyright laws apply to images used on web pages in the same way as printed and other media. Organisations who supply photographs for use in media including websites are now routinely scanning the Internet using increasingly sophisticated software and other methods to locate possible copyright infringement. This means that YOU as a website owner, need to be sure that you are permitted to use the photographs and other images that you have on your website, if not you could be liable for some hefty fines.

So, what is copyright infringement?

To infringe copyright law, a person / organisation must have copied, or authorised the copying of either the whole or a 'substantial part' of a work, without getting the required permission (often by payment) to do so.

So what is a 'substantial' part?

A substantial part is not a specific percentage, but an important, essential or distinct part. Often the quality of what has been used is more significant that how much of it has been used. The test for 'substantial' could involve imagining whether considearble annoyance would be caused if the original work was missing the proposed material to be copied - if so, then it is 'substantial' e.g. copying the Mona Lisa's smile.

The message here is thankfully a little clearer than copyright law - make sure you know you are permitted to use all the elements that make up your website, because the whole world can see it!
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