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25 Jan 2007   12:56:20 pm
Planning Your Website for 2007
Planning for Profit in 2007

Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail

Now seems like a very good time to plan your future online marketing enterprises!
So, Where do you start? At the beginning...!

What do you want to achieve(online)?

It sounds overly simple and possibly a bit silly - but write it down anyway.
Be as clear and concise as you can.

Who is your target market? What product, service or information do you want to
provide for them? It's difficult to help you here, except to say that time spent
researching how other people are attracting your prospective market will pay
dividends. Even if you think you have a unique service, time spent 'Googling' around
may well prove you wrong - or give you some more ideas!

What Kind of Site are you going to have?

To help you, here are the main things that people want their websites to achieve.
1) To create online sales. This could be books, holidays, electronics, membership
subscriptions for example.
This type of business is instant
2) To Create Sales Leads. This could be complex quoting system on a car insurance
website, or a simple enquiry form on a dentist's website.
Here, the business is usually further down the line, after a qualification process.
3) To capture information. This can be for various marketing purposes from the
government wishing to find out a certain poll, to (more usually) business websites
trying to capture email addresses so that they can market to their audience over
a period of time. An example is my site ,
4) To Provide information(a Portal). There are various types of these but famous
examples include , ,

There are other types of sites and blogs and thing like that but essentially you
either want to sell to someone there and then, or capture their details(or both)
or simply inform your audience.

There are plenty of companies who want websites simply to act as a brochure,
rather than as a business generating device.

Once you have decided what kind of site you have - or are going to have
- you can develop it with your audience in mind.

Work out & Fulfill Your visitors' immediate needs.
Bear in mind that your visitors needs aren't the same as yours!

It is also useful to know which Key Performance Indicators you'll want to build into
the site as well - I shall discuss this in another email as it needs plenty of
explanation.(Visitors, signups, dropouts, etc)

Think of Your End Objective- e.g. a Telephone Sales call with a lead generated from your website.

Think of the Flow of the Site(Sales Funnel)

The Sales Funnel might go like this-Suspiciously similar to mine in fact...

1) Offer some free information on your website(Relevant TO you website!) in return
for an email address
2) Send useful tips and articles on a regular basis(Remembering the CAN-SPAM
laws etc)
3) At the end of each email - provide a call to action - e.g. call for more info
- or a link to a contact form
4) Contact the leads that are measured
5) Make a sales Call.
6) Sale Made? If not - and appropriate - go back to Step 5

As a general rule of thumb - you can't have too much information - just make it
too boring. Make the relevant information available at a high level - with obvious
drill-down points for those visitors that want more detail.
Note : When this is working properly - you can afford to (buy) more traffic to your
website. Of course, you'll only know if it's working properly by testing and
measuring to get the best results.

It can be seen that even a simple website - like mine - needs a fair amount of
thought and planning. If your website isn't working for you - it may be that you've
simply got the planning wrong - an obvious and easy mistake.

Ecommerce sites have different objectives - and different Key Performance
Indicators. Again - this will be the subject of another email.

Once you have your sales funnel in mind - it can be very useful to simply sketch out
the layout of the new website - with a rough idea of the navigation. Doing this helps
you visualise the end result - and aids clarity.

Remember :

Design your web site from the perspective of your Audience-Not You.

Organization. Keep navigation as simple as possible - making all links obvious.

Avoid using jargon and trying to show off.

(My own website for example - used to have nice imagery, Flash animation
-all sorts of things. The result? A lot less leads than I get with simple sales copy)


This comes under the auspices of usability. Again - a subject for another email.
The bones of it though are in another newsletter I wrote back in July

Want to know More?

Simply call me on 01454 852414 or visit my site :

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11 Jan 2007   12:22:28 pm
2007 - Time to Write a Book - an Ebook!
Write a Book! Ebook that is...

Firstly, I am going to state that you are going to GIVE AWAY your Ebook!

(Creating Ebooks and selling them online can be a very profitable enterprise yet it's outside the scope of this excercise.)

What you are trying to do here is give your visitors a compelling reason to visit your site, give you their email address and also recommend the site.

Time and time again I have explained the importance of a Call to Action.
A very Successful Call to Action is to offer something for Nothing!

In this case an Ebook.

So, what do you need to know about Ebooks?

Presentation is King!

1) The Title.
Put Simply, this needs be attention grabbing (To your Target Market). Like News Headlines - the title can be responsible for up to 80% of the Response Rate

2) The Cover.
Now, I know Ebooks don't have a physical cover, but nevertheless having an image of one(refer the one I offer for free on
increases people's perception of tangibility and therefore Value.

This isn't as silly as it sounds!

(Use the following information to help with the rest of your website too ...but don't forget to test & Measure!)

The Magic of Colours :
Colour has a hidden psychological effect on your Visitors.

Don't underestimate this.

Generally, Bright and bold Colours tend to Fire us up, while softer Colours calm us down.
How colour affects your visitors is influenced by mood, age, sex & background.

So, try and make the Colour of your Ebook suitable for your Audience:

Children : Vivid, Bright Colours.
Women : Soft Pastels
Men : Strong Colours.

...AND make the colour suitable for the content of the Book.

Keep it simple - if possible use as few colours as possible and try and match it with the rest of your site.

Which Colours to use?
I found this article fascinating :

3) Content, content, content.
Of course, I'm not saying that the content of the Ebook is third down the list - but of course I can't help you much with the content - apart from a few tips...

Your book will usually be read more if the content is original(your
but you can leverage other people's content - assuming you have their permission and that it is worth reading. Naturally, if you are using someone else's material then you should credit them and provide a link to their website.

As you're not selling the Ebook, it doesn't have to be protected with any particular software.
Make sure people can download either as html(preferable) - or as a PDF.

For extra Exposure - encourage people to offer your Ebook to their visitors.
(Naturally - make sure they credit YOU and have a link to your

4) Actually Writing the Ebook - the Hard Part!

Obviously, you want to pick a topic that You know a lot about or can research about.
Try to think about the things that you enjoy doing, skills that you may have that not everyone does. Think about things that some of your customers are always asking you.

You'll be surprised at what you know. Remember, something that is trivial to you probably isn't to someone outside your area of expertise.

Keep it relevant.
If your business is accountancy then writing an Book about fly-fishing (just because it may be your hobby) probably won't serve you.
Instead - a primer on how to Save Tax would be a better place to start.

Don't Waffle.
Keep the facts short and salient. Remember - you're not trying to win a Pulitzer prize - you are giving away Information and Facts in return for someone's private information.

Lastly, Keep it up to Date.
Eensure it is kept in date if the subject matter is prone to change or is likely to be out of date. Link it to a blog. Ask for feedback - revise it etc.

This also gives visitors reasons to come back to you...
Want to know More?

Simply call me on 01454 852414 or visit my site :

Receive Your Weekly Internet Marketing Tips...
AND get Your Free Seach Engine Ebook
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