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29 Aug 2008   01:20:16 pm
Ebay's "About me" Section
Here is an email from a client, in response to this artivle I wrote :

Response :

Hi Mike

Your final statement is not quite true

"..don't allow you to link to your website -
or indeed other websites."

If you setup an "About Me" page then you can link to your own external website.. an excellent avenue for generating traffic to your site as you can prmote you "About Me" page in L-A-R-G-E letters within each item that you list

You'll see most people don't bother with an "about Me" page - those that do are easy to spot as they will have a "me" next to their ebay name (with a blue "m" and a red "e" )

Here is the help page from ebay about the "About me" page that states that you are allowed to link to your own website:

And here is the help page for setting up an "About me" page

Checkout the About Me page for our companion Ebay store for an example

I guess most people don't know about the "About Me" page ;-)



Ok - thanks Kerry!

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04 Aug 2008   11:11:13 pm
Google Penalize Landing Pages with Expensive Keywords
Google - Surely not?

I'll try not to turn this into a rant but Google really "annoyed" me the other day.
(I was going to say something a little stronger but I edited this at the last minute!)

I woke up to find that loads of ad campaigns had been switched off. These were campaigns that I've spent ages getting good click through rates and good signup rates with.

The problem? My landing page score dammit.

As you're probably aware, if you're in the business of getting business leads from your website and use Google to direct traffic to your website, then "name squeeze" pages are a great way to get contact details and build up your list.

It's simple enough - you put up an ad on Google, get some traffic and join them up to a newsletter or your special offer or whatever. Then you test 'n measure and optimise
your conversion rate.

Except that now, Google are penalizing landing pages like this because they think that these sites offer little value to the visitor and consequently they'll increase the minimum bid for a keyword to 5.00 or sometimes more.

Even if you offer a million pounds, it's still be perceived by their robot as low value.

Now Google already dominate the natural search market. Everyone dances to Google's tune. Fair enough I grudgingly accept as they run a good search engine.

However, I think it's high handed of them to dictate what is acceptable and what isn't to the advertisers paying their wages on the PAID searches though!

I'm not talking about porn or affiliate sites or Viagara after all.
There's loads of people that have great stuff to give away and they're being penalized.

If someone wants to offer downloads of a white paper all about health and safety for example, in return to build up their mailing list - that's up to them. They're paying for the traffic after all.

I know other people have other opinions about this. But they're not paying my bills, I am.

Anyway, no point in moaning. Just got to deal with it.
The quick way to get round it is this :

1) Add extra pages to the website - and put links down the bottom as well.
2) Add extra content to the web pages, with carefully chosen key phrases.
3) Add some SEO on the site to make it search engine 'friendly'.

Do this and your landing page score will increase and your keyword costs should come back down again.(You might have to use a different URL initially to force Google to re-evaluate your site)

The bad news is that your conversion rate may well suffer as a result of these changes
because simple name squeeze pages with no frills can have a very high conversion rate which is often hard to beat.

So, you'll have to get inventive...

If you'd like more information about boosting your landing page score or if you've been
railroaded by Google's policy and have very high minimum bids, try joining my club...

Just go to today and register for a month's trial!

'till next time,

Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips

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22 Jul 2008   09:00:22 am
Google Maps - Get on it!
Google Maps

Checkout for more internet
marketing tips

What's Google Maps?

Basically, if your company offers products and services on a local
basis then you really need to pay attention to this.

From what I can work out, Google are basically taking Yellow
Pages( on the web)
head on.

Did you know that if you have a mobile phone with google maps
installed, you can see where you are and what local amenities and
attractions are available to you?

And businesses too - like yours for example.

You don't even need GPS! It's like being able to look at the top of
your own head.
To download Google maps onto your web enabled phone, visit

I'm not the world's best navigator and so this facility to see
where I am just by pressing a button on my phone is great. It helps
me find the right pub for example - what finer use of technology
could there be?

Now the serious bit - get your website registered with Google Maps

You don't want to appear number 20 down the listings, when you can
sign up now for free. You'll kick yourself if you leave it too late.

The sooner you get on, the sooner you'll be seen on Google Maps and
the higher up the listing you'll stay.

To get started go to on your pc.

The business listings on Google Maps are only going to get more
prevalent and more important.

There is a customer review facility so you can have lots of
positive feedback to show the world what a wonderful company you
run. (Currently this is open to abuse so expect to see some
headlines here!)

But you can add your images, video, operating hours, payments
accepted, qualifications and all this will only get bigger because
after all, Google gets paid via advertising.

I strongly suggest that you don't just think it's a gimmick. Google
maps is being linked in with YouTube and loads of other

So, if you're an accountant. Get on it. If you sell pizza, get on
it. If you run a web design company - get on it. In fact whatever
you do, just get on it before a hundred people get on it and listed
before you do, in your area.

Definitely, definitely get on it if you run a pub ;-)

Tip: Make sure that you add loads of keyphrase rich text in the
'description' field and add as much information & multimedia as you
can to try and stand out.

Would you like more Internet Marketing Tips?

- Checkout today.

'till next time,

Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips

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08 Jul 2008   06:30:24 am
Dynamic Landing Page Titles - from Search Phrases
Checkout for more internet marketing tips

What do I mean?

As you hopefully know by now, it is almost always a very good idea to have your keyword in the title of your pay per click ad, assuming you're running pay per click.

This is because people are expecting to see what they've typed into google to appear in front of them and so they are actively looking for that key phrase to appear.

However, the same is true when they have clicked on your ad and arrive at your landing page. You'll appreciate that the conversion on your landing page is the bit that pays the bills - so it pays to optimise this.

Now of course you can have lots of landing pages, all with different page titles and track everything that way. Nothing wrong with that. It's simply a case of setting your PPC campaigns up and having related keywords in each ad group so that you can track the search phrases either individually or in related groups.

For example, if you're selling fishing tackle and have loads of different key phrases to cover all the different items, you group them into almost the same phrases and then add a tracking parameter on the destination URL.

So, for example, let say you have half a dozen words covering carp rods

"carp rods"
"carp fishing rods"
"rods for carp"
"rods for carp fishing"

So in the destination url, you'd have

You can see from this that you can use the tracking information to populate the landing page title, and then start to track variations.

However, sometimes that can get a bit unwieldy and so a quick 'cheat' is to dynamically insert the title of your ad campaign straight into the title of the landing page.

It's certainly something I do and I believe it to be quite effective.
You can also do it with your NATURAL traffic as well!

In much the same way that your stats program can tell which key phrases people are using to find you within the search engines, your web page can be instructed to add the referring search engines' keywords directly into the headline of your landing page.

You might also want to pepper the keyword phrase(either natural search or PPC) throughout the main body of your website.

No doubt you'll have seen sites already that have highlighted text containing your search phrases. This illustrates what I mean.

And of your you can track all this as well. As with all these things, my suggestion os that you run a split test.

In my case, I simply serve 2 versions of the page randomly in equal measure and after 100 or so visits for a certain search phrase, I can see which of the headings has converted more visitors into signups. I write the code for this myself as it's easy but there are loads of bits of software that can do this for you - just ask your web designer.

(Or join my internet marketing club...)

As a footnote, my suggestion is that at the head of the landing page, you include a strong benefit that relates directly to whatever the search phrase is.
(in PHP for example, just use an INCLUDE function)

If this is of interest or even it it's complete Japanese to you, why not let us help you?

Just go to today and register for a month's trial!

'till next time,

Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips

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17 Jun 2008   09:38:30 pm
How to Spy on your competitors PPC Campaigns
A Couple of Great Keyword Tools

Checkout for more internet marketing tips

As you may already have heard me say, half the battle of being found in the search engines is targetting the right key words and key phrases.

The smart thing to do is to find lots of niche phrases. And I mean lots of them.

Rather than fighting everyone else 'head on' with expensive generic key phrases, you might consider getting as many different (cheap) key phrases as you can either as paid for key phrases or simply within your website content, thus attracting natural search engine traffic.

You can investigate common mis-spellings, local search, plurals, synonyms and many other ways of getting great key phrases.

And you can 'cheat'...I'm going to brazenly 'plug' a couple of affiliated software programs here. Looking at other people's source code is one way but a far more powerful method is to use the kind of software that we use at MKLINK.

Checkout which is my affiliate link for Wordtracker. It's a great tool for looking at popularity of key phrases and has a great keyword suggestion tool as well. I've been using it for ages and it's well known and respected within my industry.

This means you can see how many people are searching for your key phrase and see of there is a 'market' for it.

However, another tool I've been using a lot more recently is a real corker and it enables you to instantly check your competitors' key phrases bother natural and PAID for as well!

Yes - it actually checks out their Google PPC ads and let you know which keywords are being used and how much people are paying for them...!

As I'm an affiliate for both these software products, here's the other link for Keyword Spy.

This second product is a great spy tool but is more expensive so if you're paying a lot for PPC then you might want to consider it as a way to get a competitive edge.

That said, both software providers have a f-r-e-e trial so my suggestion is that you have a play and see what you think.

Why not get loads more Internet Marketing Tips?

Just go to today and register for a month's trial.

'till next time,

Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips

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