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20 Jan 2009 08:56:34 am
Enabling people to Leave Feedback
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I recently wrote about having your own social network and the benefits it can bring.

Most people I speak to feel as though this is out of their depth. (It isn't but they simply feel it is.)
So let's just look at a very trimmed down version of what I mean.

Here's the situation with most websites.
The site sells something and the site owner tells everyone how good their products and services are.
(Nothing wrong with that)

A few canny marketers even include some choice, specific testimonials.
That's always a good idea too.

But that's where it stops, which is a shame.

Think about the last time you a purchase. Let's say you were looking to book a holiday.

Did you just buy it or did you look around and see what other people were saying about the hotel or the resort or the airline or whatever?

It's one of the reasons sites like are so valuable.
It's why Ebay's feedback system is so valuable.
It's why Google invented the Page Rank System.(Inbound links are treated like 'votes')

Can people leave feedback on YOUR website? Can people see that their questions that they've posted have been answered and that you care about customer comments?

In my humble opinion, it's not simply the amount of good feedback that's important, it's vital that
you show people how you handle criticisms as well.

As an aside, psychologically speaking, people are a LOT more likely to return to a site that they have interacted with in some way.

How can you set this up?
Well, there's loads of feedback ratings and blogs and forums systems around, whether they hosted by you or indeed anyone else. Anyone who is an MKLINK Private Training Member for example has access to all these :-)

Loads of these scripts are free. Recently I've changed over to using the wordpress blog software and
it's got vast optional features & plug ins. (I need to invest a lot of time on mine because it's only recently been changed over but I know it's time well spent.)

Whichever system you use, enable people to leave their comments and suggestions on your website.

The search engines will love it as well. When your site has loads of good information that people can comment on, you will also get more inbound links from other people and then it snowballs...

Why not try my Private Member's Training System Free for a Month?

'till Next Time,
Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips
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