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25 Nov 2008 11:15:01 am
Segmenting your website content
A Couple of Tips for SEO

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Separate your content

Having spoken to a few people recently specifically about SEO, I noticed that quite a few of them were making the same mistake - so I thought I'd share the right way of doing it with you.

If your read my last email about segregating your emails, you know it's important to target your emails to whichever demograph your aiming for. "One size fits all" doesn't usually do as well as targetted emails. And it's easy to do it with a decent autoresponder and a little thought.

But loads of people chuck up all their website content up in the same way - i.e. non segregated.

If you run a sports shop, you shouldn't have all your stuff on one page or in ill-defined categories.

You should sort your website into clearly defined sections - each with a logical hierarchy.
Each section should have text anchor links to sub sections within it.

So, let's say you run a sporting goods website.

You'd have your main navigation typically down the left hand side with all the types of sporting equipment that you sell.

Let's look at the fishing equipment section. This can be divided into sea fishing, coarse fishing and game fishing. The coarse fishing section can have a carp fishing section.

The carp fishing section can include carp rods, carp bait, carp hooks etc.

Now, you might be thinking this is onerous. Perhaps it is but look at it this way.

Let's say that someone is looking for a carp rod to buy their son. And there's two websites of similar age, content and Google Ranking.

One one site, the owner 'A' has simply creating a section called "Fishing Rods" and within this section he has boat fishing rods, sea rods, pike rods, roach poles - you name it. The RELEVANCE for the key phrase carp rods is DILUTED.

Now, let's look at person 'B'. His carp rods are in the 'Carp Rods' section above as described, within the carp fishing section, within the coarse section. All the section contains is information about carp rods. Beautiful!

As far as Goggle is concerned, it has a higher relevancy and so will (hopefully!) get better rankings.

Not only that, someone interested in carp rods doesn't necessarily want to see a confusing page all about other types of fishing rods - so the conversion rate for website owner 'B' will be better as well.

Another thing to remember is that it's important to make the effort to optimise each page, section and each subsequent sub section individually, in terms of what that section is about.

That of course means page names, titles, meta tags - the whole lot. It's so lazy and a wasted opportunity to simply have the exact same meta-tags etc on each page within a section.

Some people have the same page titles and tags all throughout the site - criminal!

So remember - Divide(properly) and rule!

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'till next time,

Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips
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