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31 Oct 2008 09:19:14 am
About Your Phone Number
About your phone number.
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Don't put people off!
I was running a seminar recently and the subject came up about Skype, the company that Ebay bought for loads of money not so long back.

And then it hit me that not everyone realised the reason they did it or indeed the power of the whole concept.

As you know, Ebay gets paid every time a seller either lists an item and then it gets paid even more when a sale is made. So it's really in their interest that sales are made!

They knew that if people can communicate with one another, then this would help sales to be made and consequently increase their profits.

So they bought Skype - the company that facilitates free calls over the internet.

This means that buyers and sellers could now communicate all over the world, in real time and with video as well if they like, enabling them to sell and buy more. Brilliant move!

Skype also means that people can contact your business, free of charge, if you let them.

But get this : Even if you don't sell all over the world, lots more people can and would contact you if you have Skype, not only because it's free but because it can be convenient and anonymous as well. Not everyone wants people calling them!

But, surprisingly, even if you completely ignore Skype and have a freephone number on your website, you'll still be putting alot of people off.

Specifically, people that are abroad or people that use mobile phones. And that includes using local rate numbers as well.

Think about how many people use mobile phones these days and most of the time, they have to pay to call a freephone number or local rate - don't ask me why but it's maddening!

So, here's an idea.

Put your freephone number on your website - next to your normal number - next to your Skype ID as well. Zero overhead and more enquiries and sales. Great move!

And please, if you have an 0870 type number, just get rid of it. If you don't believe me, there's a site called "" which loads of people use, proving that these types of phone numbers are universally hated.

Of course, there's other ways people can hear you(if not speak to you) as well.

For example, you can listen to me at if you have speakers...!

'till next time,

Mike Knight.
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