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14 Oct 2008 08:29:43 am
Using Google's (Improved) PPC Tool
Using the Google Keyword Tool.
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If you didn't already know, Google now gives you keyword search figures to help you with your PPC campaigns.

Prior to this, it only gave away little green 'bars' - i.e. images representing estimated usages for keywords.


I'm not entirely sure why they decided to do this as Google like to keep things to themselves, although my guess is that people overspending on the daily budget that was estimated for them by Google could well be a deciding factor.

Anyway - it means of course you should use it - especially if you're using PPC.
And if you're not using PPC - then my suggestion is that you setup a Google account
anyway, just to get the benefit of this tool. (Personally I'd suggest that you try PPC anyway at this point)

Basically, Google shows you the popularity of keywords(& phrases) and their expected CPC. It lets you sort the columns by whichever field you like and export the data directly into your PPC campaigns.

But you can use this information in other ways. You can decide which key phrases are suitable to be targeted for natural SEO.

So, choosing keywords for your navigation, or page titles, alt tags, anchor links, product descriptions, meta tags, page content in fact all the usual stuff is now made easier and more 'scientific'.

As with before the update, you can still get a count for mis-spellings, synonyms and other suggested key phrases, together with predicted search volumes.

My suggestion is that the higher the volume of keywords being displayed, the more you'll need to use [Exact Match] or [Phrase Match] from the drop down list on the top right hand side. Otherwise, you can have a lot of irrelevant data.

You can 'seed' the keyword query either by directly typing in a keyphrase or entering a URL. If you enter a URL, Google scrapes the keywords out of it and lists these.

A good tip I read - don't use your own URL unless you are at the top of the natural rankings. Simply find your competitors' website address that always seems to be doing well and use theirs!

There's loads of interesting data that isn't displayed by default so have a play with the drop down list at the top where it says 'Choose columns to be displayed'

For example, if you're looking for fluctuations in search volume(for example you're selling stuff for Christmas) then have this field available and you can see the relative amounts over the last 12 months.

(It's my guess that this drop down list will have other stuff added to it over time)

Rather than giving you a blow by blow account of HOW to use it - I suggest that you simply have a play with it. If you DO want more help with using it, try joining the MKLINK Internet Marketing Masterclass - available below...

Just go to today and register for a month's trial.

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'till next time,
Mike Knight. MKLINK Internet Marketing Tips
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