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13 Jun 2006   01:35:22 pm
How important is it really to be listed in Google?
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Google is still the UK's most popular search engine, as well as being the most visited website in the UK. In May this year, monitoring firm Hitwise measured the company’s online share of the search market to be 77%. Google’s website here in the UK gets more than twice as many visits as Microsoft’s Hotmail website (ranked number 2). These figures clearly speak for themselves – in terms of having your website(s) listed in a search engine, getting your website to come up in Google searches should be your most pressing challenge.

The closest search engine competitor to Google is Yahoo.

Search engines in the UK seem to be used for different things, and UK users seem to have identified a ‘positioning’ for each. For instance, Google seems to be used mainly to navigate and search the web, Yahoo for its content, and MSN for communication purposes.

Although Google is the dominent search engine, it’s worth bearing in mind some of the benefits of others, especially The Open Directory Project or DMOZ (Directory Mozilla) . It is free to be listed DMOZ, although it may take several months for this to occur after submission. DMOZ is operated by volunteer web editors and reviewers, and its listings are used by many other search engines and directories, including Google. When submitting to DMOZ, it is worth making sure that your website is completed, and that it has interesting and relevant content, otherwise you may risk having your website rejected.
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